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Auto Accident Chiropractic in Mendota Heights

Dr Andrew adjusting patients neckWhen you’ve been in a car accident, it doesn’t matter how “minor” the accident is, it puts a lot of wear and tear on the joints of your spine. This strain on the ligaments, discs, and other soft tissues can cause joints to become stuck or misaligned—and even if it doesn’t hurt initially, it can accelerate arthritic changes that will cause pain and mobility problems later on.

At Lifestyle Chiropractic & Wellness, we recommend getting checked out as soon as possible to address any issues before they become chronic. We strive to make getting the care you need as convenient as possible. We work directly with your auto insurance carrier and bill them directly.

Problems Down the Road

A person often feels nothing, or perhaps just a little pain, and then that pain goes away. But the underlying misalignment is still there, and your body has to find ways to compensate for that misalignment. And those compensatory patterns cause other issues, and then five, 10, or even 20 years later, you’re dealing with severe issues that cascaded from that initial injury.


Our Approach

Your initial visit will consist of a thorough consultation with Dr. Andrew and an in-depth examination, including full spinal X-rays to properly assess your injuries and develop a Health Portfolio and a customized corrective care plan for you.

The focus in our office is always on correction, so we may recommend things like neuromuscular reeducation, intersegmental traction, or neck traction to restore optimal alignment and movement to your spine.

Our massage therapist will collaborate with Dr. Andrew to address the soft tissue aspects of your injuries to give your body everything it needs to heal.

Additional Care

We have a network of trusted providers that we will be happy to refer you to if other types of care are needed, including MDs, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and more. We will also co-manage your care with your other providers as appropriate.

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Don’t let your auto accident injury turn into a bigger problem in the future! Contact us today to book your appointment.



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