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Pediatric Chiropractic in Mendota Heights

Kids have spines and nervous systems, just like grown-ups—and pediatric chiropractic care helps ensure that kids are free of subluxations to reduce stress on their nervous system so they can heal and be as healthy as possible.

At Lifestyle Chiropractic & Wellness, we love helping kiddos feel and function their best so they can focus on the job of being a kid!

Birth Trauma

The labor and delivery process is the first major physical trauma any of us goes through. Even though your baby may not seem to have pain, they will develop other symptoms as a result of stress in the nervous system caused by misalignments.

If the underlying subluxation isn’t corrected, it will become a chronic issue that will show up as a variety of different issues, such as colic, digestive issues, infections, and ADD/ADHD.

How Chiropractic Helps

Chiropractic care corrects the subluxations to reduce stress in the nervous system, which promotes the parasympathetic healing response so your child can thrive. Regular chiropractic care can also help improve the following:

  • Focus
  • Balance
  • Development
  • Motor skills
  • Immune function

Adjustments for babies and children are very different from adult adjustments. We use a very gentle touch, about the same pressure you’d use to check a tomato for ripeness. We may also use the Activator® instrument, which delivers low-force, precise, comfortable adjustments.

What to Expect

We’ll talk with Mom and Dad to ensure we understand what’s going on with their child’s health and their primary concern. Then we’ll get down on the kiddo’s level and have some fun playing and building rapport with them before we ever start to do any adjustments. Dr. Andrew describes himself as a big kid, and kids respond to that.

For kids that simply aren’t ready, we never force them. We listen to them and honor and respect their feelings until they’re ready.

We Love Success Stories!

We have helped little ones avoid tube surgery for ear infections and helped whole families get some sleep when Baby was finally able to poop—after just one adjustment.

Get A Healthy Start

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