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Chiropractic Care

person having back adjustedThe joints of your body—including your spine and the joints of your extremities—are meant to move freely. This ability to move depends on proper alignment, which can often get thrown off by our activities of daily living, stress, sports injuries, and more. When a joint is misaligned or stuck, we call that a subluxation, and chiropractors correct subluxations by adjusting to restore optimal alignment and movement.

When your joints are aligned and moving as they should, it reduces tension in your nervous system, allowing your body to function at a higher level and heal itself. At Lifestyle Chiropractic & Wellness, we focus on corrective care for the whole family.

Our Full Body Approach

With Dr. Andrew’s expertise in extremity adjusting, we do full-body adjustments—what we call “nose to toes”—on everybody. That’s because your body is one synergistically moving unit, and your ankles, knees, hips, lower back, upper back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands must all move together. It’s all connected, and a subluxation in one area may be causing or contributing to pain in another area.

Dr. Andrew will tailor your corrective care to your specific needs, using a variety of adjusting methods and other modalities, including:

    • Diversified Technique
    • Motion Palpation Technique
    • Advanced Extremity Manipulation
  • Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • FMS Kinesiology Taping

arm adjustment

An Array of Adjunctive Services

As part of your corrective care, Dr. Andrew may incorporate services such as neuromuscular reeducation, therapeutic and physiotherapy, intersegmental traction, or neck traction. In addition, we offer massage therapy on-site, and Dr. Andrew will coordinate with our massage therapist to address the specific soft tissue issues that are contributing to your pain or other symptoms.

A Focus on Proactive Health

Although many people seek our care when they are in pain, our focus is on prevention, performance, and creating and maintaining optimal health. We strive to educate our patients about the power of regular chiropractic care to optimize health and life instead of simply thinking of it as a method of pain relief.

Here, You’re in Great Hands

Get on the healing path today and feel great. Contact us today to book your first appointment!


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